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How to Seal Sharpie Dye with Pledge Floor Wax. Posted on May 29, 2013; in Customer Tutorials, Dyeing; Having to seal your sharpie dying isn’t an issue that comes up

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This is a tutorial on how to dye just a section of your cosplay wig. This is a painting method used with a sharpie dye solution. Don’t forget to watch in HD!

Sharpie® Dyeing. Posted by Jamie This week learn a great way to use those stray permanent markers to dye white So go stock up on whites at Goodwill, find

Dyeing a wig is occasionally a necessary evil. We have had to dye wigs several times if you are looking to really get a deep rich color out of your wig, I recommend

As you can see there’s a gradient effect happening that a regular wig won’t have. There are TWO methods to Sharpie dyeing. One where you create a dye bath with

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Hey EpicCosplay fans! We recently posted up a video on our Youtube account going over the steps about how to color one of our wigs with sharpies!

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I have a very bright red wig that I was hoping I could darken to a more maroon colour (Rin Matsuoka hair). There’s a maroon sharpie colour that I can easily get my

How to Dye Wigs with FW Ink. Posted on July 11, 2012; in Customer Tutorials, Dyeing; There are many ways to dye your wigs: sharpie ink, FW ink, some people …

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Coloring a wig with Multiple colors: Chin length or shorter- I tend to just hand color with the Sharpie marker itself. I start with a white wig base so that all my

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This is a tutorial on how to color a wig with sharpies and rubbing alcohol! This will be used to extract the sharpie dye from the inkwell. 5.